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Growth Inc.

Growth INC

growing and learning together

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned...” 2 Timothy 3:14a

Growth Incorporated is a platform of teaching dedicated to helping people who have an interest in ministry. No matter the age or ethnicity, Growth Inc is here to encourage people who have been assigned to or have a strong interest in a specific area of ministry. 

Due to the freedom that has been given, many people, leaders, churches and ministries lack grounded teaching. Growth Inc. has been formulated to meet the needs of those who are hungry for thorough teaching concerning the formats, order, presentation and authority of ministry. It stands as a place where people can come and be revived and enlightened through the use of impartation, teaching and small discussions. Growth Inc. will consist of seminars and forums lead by well equipped leaders of the Kingdom of God. The seminars and forums will include topics that are generally not discussed openly in most church settings, but are often discussed in personal conversations between mature christian believers. 

The time is now that believers can reason together and learn from each other despite their denominational differences.

Purpose: Our purpose is for people of God to come together and learn from each other. 

Mission Statement: Our mission is to challenge the minds of current and future

leaders of the church. This challenge will ultimately expand our thinking and change our methods of ministry, so that many ministry mistakes made in the past will not be repeated. 

General Format: Growth Inc. will generally take place in a seminar setting with an instructor placed to teach, share and relate to the individuals who have gathered. There will be space for open discussions.


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