Growing up with Art Challenges

Growing up with Art Challenges - student project

I always had trouble drawing in the past. Not because I had fear or felt horrible about my painting. It just that I had problems with being consistent. It's difficult and tiresome, as you don't feel creative daily or even sometimes you only want to sleep the whole afternoon and forget about the world and everything.

You postpone projects.

You say "Nah, better tomorrow" but it turns into a week or a month later (or even half a year, ugh).

And then there is an Art Challenge like Inktober or Mermay and you say "Oh, cool, let's do it!" but on the eleventh day, you're just drained. You don't want to touch a pencil ever again. But you've achieved eleven drawings! You feel that you can do better drawings than you thought! 

But something is not working with these art challenges.

This is when it appears a challenge called Folktale week and it turns out into a pivotal moment in your artistic journey. Just seven days. Seven drawings. Seven prompts about a theme.

Magic happens.

More like your brain says "Hey, this is affordable! Let's work and have fun and know beautiful people in a cute and inspirational challenge that it's not so horribly big as Inktober!"

And then, my art style evolved and I found my voice.

That's my experience with Art Challenges, and my tip is: please, don't jump into big art challenges. You'll feel pretty lonely, with too much pressure and competition and then you will just leave it unfinished. (One Mermay and two Inktobers unfinished on my account.)

Now, it's time for my own private art challenge. My time to sit down and have a wonderful brainstorming session (and feel the good vibes of the amazing people I've met these last months.)


Growing up with Art Challenges - image 1 - student project


My mind kind of exploded here. One of my life main goals is to try everything I can so I expanded to not only traditional art in this exercise. Pretty cool the fact that I noticed that I can mix some topics and make something interesting (I need another brainstorming session).

Growing up with Art Challenges - image 2 - student project


Also, English is not my native language but I think better in this language (?) And sorry about this page as it's not properly a description of the challenge. More like the development of the idea.

Growing up with Art Challenges - image 3 - student project


Growing up with Art Challenges - image 4 - student project


To finish, I just want to thank Sova a lot for all the work on this class about a topic that can help people so much. I'm so glad to have you as part of my artistic journey. Inkaholic speaking here <3

Isa Cienfuegos

Inks & Watercolour