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Growing the Business Incubator

The business incubator was built in 2011 and nothing much happened. I learned about it in 2012 and became the Director in early 2013. We now have 70 non-resident clients that we provide business coaching to and 3 tenants, a business accelerator administrative office, a coolants and cleaners distributor and the local SYLVAN Learning Center after school tutoring group. I still have empty office space, lab space and manufacturing space.  We need vibrant new or growing businesses to come and grow inside the incubator and bring life and energy to the building. 

We are in a rural area of Tennessee.  We offered 60 plus workshops and training opportunities for small business since I arrived as well as business plan competitions and networking opportunities. We send out an e-newsletter every Monday so that our list of 1600 subscribers know what we are offering. 

I came from a much larger community (150,000 city with 250,000 MSA) with a manufacturing focus and was on the original team that started a very successful incubator program there. 

What I need help with is filling the current rural incubator with great growing businesses ready to focus on being the best they can be as well as reaching more small business owners or would be owners that could benefit from the training, coaching and networking that we provide. The city is 11,000 and the county is 50,000 total population. We are part of the local community college. 

I look forward to using my incubator as my project and getting all your good ideas on how we can make this building space and our offerings ROCK!  


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