Growing from leaves

I collected a bunch of leaves from my daughter to use for this project. I felt them out to dry for a bit longer than I meant to, just because I didn't have time to set up my little propagation station till the weekend. Anyway one of the leaves I left out to dry actually started to sprout roots!!! They're bright pink, which I wasn't expecting. Here's a pic of the little guy: 


He's sitting on my palm, so is really quite small. I hope that he will survive even though he's sprouted roots early.

Today I finally had the chance to set up my propagation station. I just used old pots I had lying around from plants I bought from Bunnings, so that was nice and cheap. I has some perlite to mix into the soil too which was handy. 

Here's a photo of my finished propagation station:


I just have them setting out on my back balcony, where it's nice and sheltered. Can't wait to see some little succulents start sprouting!


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