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Growing Up Online

(I had to change my title because the one I picked was taken)


Pitch: Coming of Age Online


Dear Editor,


Most adults are very cautious about what they post online and rightfully so. As adults, we know that what we post is permanent, even if we delete it. Not only that but also that pictures and posts can potentially hurt our careers. However, most parents think nothing about uploading pictures and videos of their children. In essence parents, without even thinking about it, are creating an internet history for their children often right from the delivery room.

In my article, Coming of Age Online,  I will examine whether those innocent postings are creating a persona for our children that we wouldn’t create for ourselves. I would interview an internet safety expert, such as Parry Aftab, She is a leading Internet Law and Safety expert. I would ask about the legality of posting pictures of minors online and what if any problems it can create for our children in the future. I will also speak with parents and teens about their views on this issue.

My article How to Talk to Your Teenage Daughter About Sex appeared on Sept 2012. Also, I am a Yahoo Content Contributor.  

I hope that we can work together soon.


Kathy Sloan



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