Growing Together

Growing Together - student project

I am so frustrated. I have been working on putting my project info here and the tab suddenly closed on me while I was typing. Of couse I lost everything. Lesson learned - Save Often. I will try this again.

My husband is the author of four novels in a series called "Meant to Be". I am responsible for the self-publishing and marketing. We have publisihed four novels, The Life of Meyer, The Couples, Finding Each Otherand Growing  Together. Our website also hosts our blog. When I  updated the blog for the fourth book the menu got messed up. I know I have to fix that. Any other comments or suggestions are welcomed.

The tips I decided to work on for this week are:

  • Ideal Reader Exercise: Our ideal reader is female, age 18 or older who lives in a densly populated city or nearby suburb. She is either in a relationship or looking to be in one. Her job is stressful, high energy work, exciting but mentally exhausting. Her favorite  guilty pleasure is to escape alone to a quiet place (den, patio, park, spa, retreat) that has no tv, cell service, or internet so she can spend all of her free time reading for her own enjoyment. (Read -  nothing work related.)   ~~ I have not written the journal entry  or copy yet.
  • Your Book Description: I wrote the description for The Couples. The other three were professionally written. See links above.  I'm not sure they are working since we don't seem to have much interest in the books.
  • Author bio: Should this be spiced up? Is the headshot okay?
  • Working out Your Media Angles: 
  • Media Kit: We don't have one.
  • Get Reviews: We have been struggling with this from the beginning. I have provided links, video, reminders, personal notes, but I cannot get most friends or family to agree to post a review. They keep buying the books, giving them as gifts,  hounding us for the next volume, but won't put their name out there. I just got a product called Publishers Review Accelerator. It analyses Amazon reviews based on an inputed key word to find reviewers who provide contact info. I will be taking that info and soliciting reviews. I'll let you know if it is effective. 

This is where I am at now. I feel overwhelmed with all the things I think I should be doing. I need help in laying out the logical timeline of activities. I try to do too many things at the same time and then don't do any of them effeciently.

Thanks for your input. This is a good exercise. I'm looking forward to pulling together the complete product.