Growing Skills

Growing Skills - student project

Started this course just before Covid-19 lockdown.

Phase 1, Considering "Limits"

Growing Skills - image 1 - student project

Phase 2:  

Growing Skills - image 2 - student project


Phase 3:

Growing Skills - image 3 - student project


First iteration of Plan:

Gathered my photos taken in February of the wild carrot plants that line the roadsides out in the rural areas of the Marlborough Sounds.  Trying to simplify the seed heads - called a 'birds nest' which is very appropriate as the umbels close inwards as the plant dries out, making an impenetrable vessel.  I tried to emphasise the structure of the stalks, leaves and seeds in this formation.  Not sure about the outcome, decided to try another plant.  Was really enjoying the process, not wanting to leave it unfinished.  It is still too studied, not open enough.

Growing Skills - image 4 - student project

These seed heads have closed, but not faded yet.

 Here is the pattern tile I drafted.  I thought the large motif out of place, and it needed resizing.  The structure of the seed head needed rethinking.Growing Skills - image 5 - student project

Growing Skills - image 6 - student project This is the repeat pattern.  Just really need to resize or redesign the central motif.  Enjoying this.

I decided to choose another flower to work with.  The autumn garden has mallow plants flowering and hosts many bees.  The dandelion flowers are long gone but their seed heads are still lingering in the lawn.  I followed the same process as for the wild carrot, and here is the repeat tile:

Growing Skills - image 7 - student project

I printed off an A4 sized tile and coloured this, then scanned again etc.

Growing Skills - image 8 - student project


I also made another version of the pattern tile;  I placed the colours direct onto the tracing paper laid over the A4 printed tile.  I scanned that and layered together the coloured and black and white tile.  This is the pattern that resulted.  I quite liked the off-register effect.  I could not get the layers to match - work for the future...!

Growing Skills - image 9 - student project


I will be carrying on with this line of exploration;  it has been my goal for a long time to make these repeat patterns in Photoshop.  So Phase 3 continues but I am thinking about Phase 4 now.   It has been thanks to the pandemic lockdown that I have been able to devote a lot of time to this class and others that I have visited in connection with the process of repeat pattern making. I am really extremely happy with the progress to date.  It has been a very effective way to go for me.