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Penny Birch-Williams

Artist, Entrepreneur



Growing My Online Art Business

I am a full time artist selling my work online through my shop at as well as prints at

Of course I have a facebook page

and a blog, which I've pretty much abandoned this year

and I'm on Flickr

I've also set up accounts on Tumblr and Pinterest but haven't done anything with them.  I've used StumbleUpon but haven't been there for awhile.I find it difficult to keep up with all of it and to know which are actually beneficial to my marketing efforts. I am unsure how to focus my efforts to get results.

I've only been working on my business full time since November when I lost my job, and my main goal is to  produce new work to fill my shop and keep more people visiting and buying.  However, being found by people who might be interested in my work is challenging.  I'm also trying to optimize my SEO on etsy and for Google so I am found more in searches.  I know social media is important and hope to improve what I am doing, so that is my goal with this class.


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