Growing Into Myself

I've been designing since I was 12.
On a broken computer, I would just type dingbats and my name. By high school I was playing Mavis Beacon and designing on Microsoft Paint. By college I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I love it -- It's my passion.

Along the way, I worked corporate design for 10 years dreaming of real and meaningful art I wanted to create. I'm grateful for the experience and learned so much, but what I really want to do is why I'm typing my heart out here lol.
After kids, I fell off the design path and was in a depression. I had no time for me, let alone design.

Fortunately I found an article that connected me with Bonnie and this class. Not only is this inspiring me, but I'm believing again- in my passion and growing from within.

Friends, no matter how experienced you are or aren't, be encouraged, let go and let your heart  and intuition lead. Life is too short... it's time to believe :-*
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(Photo: Jeremy Bishop)


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