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Growing Artist

    Hi my name is Drew I am a self taught artist meaning I have no formal traning I have learnerd everythng I know about Illustrator threw the internet and reading books also by playing around with the program in my free time. I have a small clothng brand that i started with a few of my friends i used the the logo as the cover for this project also if you are feeling up to it check it out WWW.ARTBEFORECRIME.COM please and thank you.I hope to take these techniques and apply them to my brand to help with the over all develpoment of the Clothing.

                                                                  Section 1

   I have created a Wine Glass with some red wine sworling in the glass to give the image some motion because what is wine if it isnt sworling? I created this image beacause Mickaela kept mentioning food I dont know why the image is a wine glass but I love the way this came out. 

                                                                Section 2

        Sections 1 and 2 are touching base with tools i know how to use already but Mickaela is pointing out somethings that i have may have over looked but the man who knows everything knows nothing right.So im just being open to the way Mickaela uses Illustrator im liking the walk threw. I did the pen tool sheet and i tried to find something online to trace but everything bored me so i just did the sheet.

                                                                           Section 3

   Made a few simple design templates never did this before so but i think they came out fine look good to me.This section was extremely helpful and well explained I had a lot of fun creating these templates



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