GrowGreen - student project

This is an online platform that connects users to environmentally-friendly investment opportunities. Think for greens.  

Consumers demand all kinds of green products and a growing number are tuning into the fact that most of their mutual funds and other investments do more harm than good or are, at best, neutral. A significant number of affluent progressives would like to be able to invest in sustainable businesses but lack the time or knowledge to find them. This website will allow them to shop online for investments that match their beliefs.

Users can click on investment products and be taken to a third party landing page where they can learn more and make an investment. Our company will have an affiliate marketing relationship with these third parties such that we receive a referral fee for sending these investors their way.


1. Major players

  • Investors seeking to find green investment opps
  • Green businesses/mutual funds seeking investors

2. Investors motivations:

  • Earn a return
  • Do well by doing good -- feel good about where they're investing their money
  • Convenience -- instead of having to find all these investment opps themselves, GrowGreen offers a convenient one-stop shop

Green business/mutual fund motivations:

  • Attract new capital

3. Investors will pay for:

  • one-time site access fee
  • subscription to green investing e-newsletter

Green businesses/mutual funds will pay for:

  • referral fee/affiliate marketing arrangement
  • flat fee to appear on platform