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Ana Ramirez

Photographer, artist and writer



Grow, learn, repeat.

I'm a photographer, an artist and a writer - but not always in that order. For years I've had the desire to create a clothing line and this year the inspiration finally hit me. The past five years have been transformational and that's one of the reasons I've chosen a butterfly as a symbol. The second reason is this: when my mom learned she was terminally ill she wrote me a goodbye note. I didn't know she had done that but I found the note the day after she passed away. In it, she mentioned butterflies.



Forget that person they think you should be.
Meaning and substance - that’s what matters.
Real and raw.
Feel your feelings, your dreams,
Your fears and emotions.
Don’t waste time
What if?
Don’t waste energy
Being someone else.
Be weird.
Be funny, or artsy, or whatever.
Be brave.
Be bold.
Be kind.
Find you.
Be you.
Life is beautiful,
and colorful and messy.
Live it.
Love it.
Do no harm but take no shit.
You got this.
Grow, learn, repeat.




These are my drawings - done with old fashioned pen and paper and then scanned and inverted to white. But they're more than just doodles. They're very personal. Drawing has been therapeutic for me and creating these has helped me get through some very painful times in my life. Focusing on the pen strokes means I'm not focusing on anything else. It's a peaceful and serene process and it allows me to express things that photography and writing do not. I draw what comes to me and let each drawing evolve organically. They usually take several days to complete since I like to pause and let them 'breathe' several times as I'm working on them.


The designs will be printed on dark colors such as black and navy. I ordered two samples from Printful to see the fabric and print quality and they are fantastic. For now they are DTG to keep costs low and to be able to print one or two at a time. This limits the size and placement of the design. Eventually I would love to be able to print bigger and via silkscreen.


The shirts on Printful vary from $15 and up depending on the manufacturer and materials. The benefit of DTG also allows me to have a print on demand shop via Woocommerce or a similar platform which means I won't have to stock inventory yet. I can use this to see which designs/sizes are popular and then order those to sell in person at art fairs.

Design Mockup


Detail of printing on the shirt (quality from Printful was great)




Some of the original designs




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