Grow + Cup

Grow + Cup - student project

To avoid being guided by my preferences I used a random number generator to select random words from Roman's list:

I got "Grow"+ "Cup".

Below the thought web:

Grow + Cup - image 1 - student project

I could go on for at least 2 more pages, but this should be enough to work with I think.

Below 6 ideas generated by using the words/associations from above list together:

Grow + Cup - image 2 - student project

Now for selecting which idea to take to execution.(I find this the hardest part, always)

1 - The hermitcrab (outgrowing) the cup is kinda cute, but doesn't seem to have a lot to say.

2- The grown-up dude with the baby beaker is kinda funny - this could work for some kind of editorial about childish behaviour in adults or hipsters needing to finally grow up or something in that vein.

3- cup / watering can merge. Bit boring on it's own, but gets quite weird when used for watering a tongue. Not sure if this is an intriguing weird of a confusing weird.

4- Overgrown cupcake - I kind of like the wordplay "my cupcake runneth/spilleth over" but the idea doesn't seem to have all that much to it.

5- Anabolic growth + trophy cup or bra cup. This probably needs a bit more to be interesting.

6- Growing out of your space - the tiny cup functions mostly as a size indictor here. This is a a reference to Alice in Wonderland, of course. Although not a new idea, perhaps in a current setting it could work.

So right now I am dithering between 2 and 3 and 6 for execution. If anyone wants to play Art Director and indicate their preferred pick, be my guest!