GroupLove - student project
A Facebook gift sharing app that enable friends to seamlessly initiate, organize, pay and deliver a keepsake gift.
◦Currently if you want to initiate a cost sharing gift for a common friend you will need to go through 9 time consuming steps!
◦Grouplove cuts the whole process to 3 simple steps!
1) Initiate project
2) Seek common FB friends to participate in gift sharing
3) The app will automatically
-Send out the request to join
-estimates the cost per person
-Send regular update of progress to the initiator
-Settle payment for each individual
-Sends job to local gift/photobook producer
-Ships the gift/photobook to the receiver
4) End!
Why Photo book?

Lyra forecasts that by 2014, gross profits from photo books will reach to one-third of the gross profits from photo prints. This is quite remarkable considering that photo print profits will be derived from approximately 50 billion prints worldwide, while photo book profits will be derived from fewer than 78 million books.-Lyra research

Roland Liew

Looking to start and keep my day job!