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Group Picnic

UPDATE 6.25 : 

I've put together some motifs that I think will end up being used in the final project.  I'd love some feedback on how they might all work together! I feel like the food is lacking some element....a cheese or a meat or something (?) I probably need to add some kind of foliage motif and maybe an animal of some sort.  Any feedback at this point will be super helpful! We're coming up on our deadline and I feel like I'm SO behind! 

UPDATE 6.15 : Hey! Look! A screenshot! It took me nearly two hours but I made strawberries! With gradients and symbols and grouping and brushes and everything.  I'm not sure how I feel about the leaves (they feel kind of globby), but I like the gradient on the strawberries themselves.  

I made a few sketches--but I am no artist.  Then i tried my hand with this new Bamboo drawing tablet that my husband gifted to me--I'm not any better at that either, but I guess I just need to take a deep breath and be okay with the fact that illustrator will really be my friend (I hope!) once I get to that unit (less free drawing, and more drawing with shapes?).  For now, just some shakey doodling and what not.  I'm imagining looking down on what will be a picnic blanket and all the odds and ends you will find upon such inspection.  I have another idea of grouping specific picnic attendees with whatever element they provide, but I'm not sure I have the ability to create people AND their food/drink/games.   

I finally got around to making a mood board.  I love the pic monkey site that MaJo told us about.  So perfect. All of the pictures that are not my own I pinned to a picnic board on pinterest.  You can see it here.  But here is the mood board I made on picmonkey!  I love the naturalness of the croquet set, the hexagon motif (in the quilt, and in the antipasto serving dish), and the "breeze" represented by the chevron pattern-so brilliant.  

I might have gone a little overboard on the brainstorming portion of this unit.  I started out with my little word cloud and went from food to drink to location to all the odds and ends you might take with you on a picnic.  Then I went with word origin.  The word picnic finds its etymology in the French "piquenique" but my dictionary also noted a german influence.  I'm super into Latin currently so I did a little latin etymology as well.  I think the most fascinating part of the french, however, is the fact that it seemed to have started as what we would consider a potluck--every attending party adds to the common feast and entertainment.  I like the idea of different attendees bringing very different dishes, resulting in a "happy accident" of a feast.  I like to think of nature herself as in attendance....and all the little naturey visitors that picnics always have....ants, bees, birds, squirrels, etc.  

I'm going to have to seriously narrow down my thought process at this point because even though I only "highlighted" a few terms, I have a bazillion different ideas running around still.  I haven't looked at any pictures yet though, so hopefully that will help me find a more cohesive direction.   

Cover photo image credit : Prudent Baby

I love that quilt because it just goes to show that  lots of different pieces can come together in unique ways to make something beautiful and fun. Kinda like a picnic! ;) 


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