Groundsent - student project

When we think of coffee, most of them present themselves as an aid to the hustle or being always on-the-go while we achieve our life's purpose or goals. Although, it is a noble thing to behold, being always on the hustle can sometimes get lonely. A life focused merely on goals can make us lose sight of our connection with other people. With this in mind, I was inspired by the thought that having coffee isn't always just about the hustle. But it is also about building connections with others or with one's self.  


Groundsent (grounded and present) as a brand is a companion and an instrument of connection in this day and age of hustle that provides a chance to recharge, share and experience life with others thru a locally-brewed coffee beverage that exudes a flavor one would want to share. 

Groundsent - image 1 - student projectGroundsent - image 2 - student project