Ground-controlled headphones and a glass of vibe

Ground-controlled headphones and a glass of vibe - student project

This is the first class I've completed here, and the first time I've touched watercolour in about 10 years, so I began aprehensive. I started sketching the objects I chose straight away, over-emphasising certain shapes while downplaying other characteristics so that they were not so obvious. I then erased parts to break up the form, added little demon features and went in with the watercolour. I don't have a lightbox and was limited on paper so I decided to just start and see where I went with the one page.


I think this worked out well as it pushed me to work quicker and not linger long on details, which often hinders me. The only drawback was my cat, who jumped onto my sketch to see what was up and accidentally ripped the paper when the sketchbook overbalanced.


Offending ginger floof:


 Ground-controlled headphones and a glass of vibe - image 1 - student project


I have added some fineliner detail to a couple tsukumogami before the fineliner failed me. I aim to line the rest with accents but for now am happy with the result so far.