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Christen Bouffard

Instructional Designer



Grotesque Owl

** Update - combinations are further down the page.

I'm interested in responding to the overabundance of saccharine-sweet owls everywhere by contrasing them against the dual-meaning of the word grotesque. I don't have a particular form or idea solidified in my mind yet.

I've also created a Pinterest board of these images because I think it is easier to see all of the images at once that way.


** Update: I've grouped some of the photos together as I've been thinking of how some of these ideas might contrast and be combined.

I really like the idea of combining a cicada body and owl features. I'd like to sketch out some owls with cicada wings too.


Both the bison image and the flowers have similar eyes to me. Like the palettes.

In the images below I tried to find images of owls with awkward poses to contrast with elongated ornament.

The owls also make me think of all the birch trees in the woods up here in Alaska. They are everywhere and can seem a bit creepy on dark nights because of their numerous distinct dark eye and mouth shapes on the trunks. One night I wouldn't be surprised to see one of those eyes open up to peer back at me. I think this owl toy needs an accompanying birch tree with numorous eyes and mouths.


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