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Jeremy Lanning

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Grotesque May Be - Finished.

                    Grotesque May Be

LOGLINE: An old writer, with only a window to look through, battles the life inside himself to give meaning to a nightmare and his fluttering heart. 

The text I have selected is Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life, by Sherwood Anderson. The short I have chosen to adapt is The Book of the Grotesque.

I chose this text mainly because the themes resonate with me. 1919 is the year. The Old Writer, fearful of sleep because of his thoughts of dying. For him, falling aslep has a traumatic element to it, so much so that he desires his bed to be higher so that when he wakes he can already be looking outside for peace and comfort. Enter The Carpenter, a formally imprisoned Civil War veteran. I look at that and I think, "I can't wait to get him on paper!"

I have chosen to go with a potentially unreliable narrator. For that role I have chosen this "young thing" inside the old writer. You have to expeience that development for yourself.

Lastly, what is this Book of the Grotesque? See... That's cool.

Soundtrack to this project: Or... Required Listening. :-)

1. "Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade," by Ellen Stekert from Songs of the Civil War.

2. "Beautiful Ohio," by Delta Kings from Down the River.

Here is my 1st draft. I would really appreciate some feedback.

Here is my 2nd draft. I would really appreciate some feedback on the changes.

Here is my finished screenplay short for "Grotesque May Be." Please let me know what you think.

Note to any readers at this point.

 I am happy with this finished project. It represents my feel for the material, warts and all.



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