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Groove Cues - Clearly Lucid



Project Title: Lucid Lounge (Lucid means crystal clear)


Today’s Date: 11/25/13                                 Creative Review Date:        12/22/13




1. To whom are we communicating? What do we know about them?

  • Jazz listener in Seattle area
  • Enjoys poetry and spoken word
  • Communicators and searchers of deeper meaning
  • Completely familiar with the genre and what to expect
  • High expectations
  • Intellectual and forward-thinking
  • Indie film watchers
  • Men and women  (twenty-somethings)
  • Bohemian vibe
  • Older crowd 25-54 (66%)
  • 32% earn at least 100K
  • 96% have college or graduate degrees
  • 80% are male
  • Seattle/Tacoma is one of the top metro areas for jazz
  • Wants to enjoy the atmosphere with no drama
  • Looking for quality entertainment at affordable prices
  • Enjoy receiving service that makes them feel “at home” and in the right place
  • Loves the groove and exploring uncharted sonic territories. cues
  • desire intimacy, art, music, and drinks in a venue w/great atmosphere
  • motivated by thoughts and ideas
  • analytical, intuitive people
  • artistic and expressive

B. What is the ONE main thing we want this audience to do?

  • Visit Lucid Lounge, buy drinks, eat food, and enjoy the music and atmosphere.

C. Secondary actions?

  • “Like” us on Facebook , continue to visit Lucid, and spread the WORD!

D. What is the benefit for the audience if they do this? (What's in it for them?)

  • They get to lose themselves in the music and the atmosphere and come out the other side feeling changed and renewed, yearning for more.
  • Dicul, a locally crafted spirit and innovative product line that challenges convention and transcends the traditional drinking experience. Made with Bloody Mary mix, organically spiced vodka, and globally-inspired spiced bitters.

E. What are the business objectives this project is designed to meet? What are the measurements?

  • Boost sales

F. What tone should this project have?

  • sincere, intellectual, laid-back                                                                                     


2. What are the deliverables?

  • print collateral

B. What sizes do you need?

  • 8 ½ x 11

C. Do you want to test multiple versions? If so, how many?

  • No tests/only one version
  1. Are there any mandatory elements/functional requirements/functional considerations?
  • Company logo
  • Product name
  • Website/FB page/Twitter 
  • Store location
  • Coupon?

D. Have we done something similar before?  What was the outcome?

  • No. I can’t find anything online. I included screenshots of things I did find.

E. Have our competitors done anything similar?

  • Not in terms of print ads. A lot of posters and flyers but no magazine ads. Screenshots included.


  • Seattle Weekly-BP Flyboard
  • Friday Socials for UW grads from all disciplines **
  • Speed-dating on Saturdays (35-55 yrs. Old) **


** Events





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