Grok'kur: A Q&A Blog For Entrepreneurs

Concept in flux ...

Grok'kur (aka Grokkur.com) is my way of giving back to the entrepreneurial community ...

Meet Grok'kur. He is a little monster that manifests inside every entrepreneur from time to time. Whenever you find yourself trying to grok -- to deeply understand or emphathize with something to the point that you become one with it -- everything, this little devil is right there grinning as you pull your hair out in frustration. My current Grok'kur has manifested from my trying to learn Ruby, RoR, sales, software developing management, UX, the fiscal cliff and 501(c)(4)'s. My Grok'kur is definitely rofl-ing at me right now ...

So where does this frustration come from? For me, it is the lack of resources that teach the basics of a topic in a manner that is empathetic towards complete newbies. Sure there is Quora but many times the answers are too brief or opinionated, sometimes even a venting session. Sure there is wikipedia but it's mostly information rather than practical advice. Sure there is StackOverflow and its many StackExchange offshoots but the questions are highly specific, often assumes too much for a newb and sometimes answered by people who just don't know what they are talking about. Then there is the highly fragmented internet with false and incomplete information. Grok'kur is here to help in its own humble way.

Grokkur asks (registered) entrepreneurs to vote for a question to be answered in an upcoming blog post. Questions up for votes will be of interest to all kinds of entrepreneurs and will already have a knowledgeable guest ready to answer. Thus, a quick profile of the guest that will be answering is attached to each question. Each answer given to the chosen question will give you more substance than a typical Quora answer but not so much that it's overwhelming. We believe that building -- and sometimes revisiting -- the foundations of a topic is what propels you ahead. The answers will keep to the core basics and always provide alternative resources so you may continue your learning. Think of it as a highly focused Quora for entrepreneurs with highly practical "meat and potatoes" knowledge and advice given as answers.

I will also be answering some questions alongside my guests. What qualifications do I have? I am a lifelong entrepreneur with operational experience in restaurants, real estate management and law firms. I am also a licensed New York State attorney and the current CEO of Act Not Robot, a web startup in New York City. Please don't ask me to represent you in any legal matters as my startup already takes up most of my time :p 

Judging by Grok'kur's intent, I bet you can tell I am extremely empathetic towards entrepreneurs and their plight in becoming jacks (and jills) of many trades. If Grok'kur can't help, then perhaps I personally can. I would be happy to dish out any quick advice I am qualified to give. Shoot me a quick one over on twitter @pc3sq.

Good luck to everyone on their projects! I'm seeing some real fun ones that I hope will become full blown websites soon.


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