Grizzly Bear | Skillshare Projects

Travis Miller

graphic designer & illustrator



Grizzly Bear

After deciding which animal I wanted to focus on, I searched for images of bears and made a mood board. Most of the images I selected are profiles of the bears. Bears looking at the viewer are interesting, but I found while sketching that they don't make for great logos. I chose to work with the image in the upper-right of the mood board.


Next, I sketched 20 or so variations of the bear and found that I liked this one the best. It seems like a lot of people are going with very pointy, slimmed down extremities. That works very well for animals that are swift and sleek. Bears are beefy and muscular, so I decided to keep the bear's paws and body bulky and strong.


After I roughly outlined the drawing, I started gridding the thing. It's not clear in the video why we're supposed to do this, or if I even did it the right way. It was a tedious exercise. Regardless, breaking down the entire form into geometric shapes helped me refine the lines.


This is what I came up with.



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