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Grit's Gymnasium // Where Membership is Free and the Gym Doesn't Exist

This class was great. Got me out of my comfort zone. In the past I would have scoured the internet for some textures to download and hoped that they would fit for my applications. It was empowering to learn the techniques to create my own, and I decided right away that I would participate in the manual process to get me some good textures. So....

I went and bought some paint and brushes

I ended up with 16 (or so) textures. I also have a B+W laser printer so I was able to print some big blocks of black and crumpled, scratch and basically beat the crap of some paper to create some interested pictures.


I scanned, processed, halftoned, masked, blurred, thresholded to 50% all of the glorious textures.  

Now I need a subject

About a year ago I found myself in the books section of my local Goodwill when I came upon "3,800 Early Advertising Cuts." For a buck I walked away with a library of cool, old imagery. I thumbed through and found a page of vintage strong men with exercize equipment.


Look at that handsome fellow in the middle showing off his guns. I figured I could make a gritty poster for a gym owner name "Grit." This resulted in my "Grit's Gymnasium" poster you see below.

He already had some grit to him, but I worked to darken the mid-grays so that I can add some of my own.



My takeaways from the project:

  • Get away from the computer, go get some paint and get dirty. I made something tangible, and it feels good.
  • Andrew's techniques for masking opened my eyes to another level of efficiency. I did a lot of descructive masking with paths in the past, and didn't properly utilize smart objects. These methods are much, much better. Thanks for insights into your workflow.


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