Gringo - Healthy Cuban Food

Here's my mock up for a fictional fast casual restaurant called Gringo. Gringo would serve healthy Cuban food. Ideally, the site would be more than one page, but here's an idea of what the home page would look like, giving a preview of the rest of the site.

The logo and colors are still a work in progress but here's what I've come up with so far. Feedback welcome!

Updated 03/11/13

- Reversed the gradient on the "I'M HUNGRY!" button.

- Added a slight drop shadow to the "Healthy Cuban food that won't make you regret not having a salad" line. Thinking of a better descriptive line but that'll work for now.

- Made "I'M HUNGRY!" dark grey instead of white. May go back to white. Not sure the grey stands out as much. Thoughts?

Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Updated 03/14/13

- No more "I'M HUNGRY!" — I figured ORDER ONLINE made more sense. Button copy is white again.

- Added more of a footer, including additional pages, stars from logo and social icons.

Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Updated 03/21/13

- Added "NOW!" to the button and changed the shape. A better call-to-action I think. Also switched it from turquoise to the red/orange as suggested in the comments. 

- Added a thin border to food items.

- Made the "Healthy Cuban Food..." slogan dark grey. I think it pops more now.

- Updated social icons to current versions.

- Added a bit of subtle texture to the main image along with the turquise background on the lower part.

- Darkened the descriptive food copy so it's a bit more legible.

Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


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