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Grim and glorious

These are my favorite combinations so far. It seems like my design is beginning to lean towards the difference between high brow and low brow. Though there are a lot of different ideas at work here I may try to go for a pseudoscience vs. real science angle as that could be a lot of fun. Here are my initial sketches. I'm not sure which one I want to turn into a fully developed character yet. I'm leaning towards the plague doctor on vacation or the contortionist mannequin but the somnambulist might look interesting with the color difference between the mask and the figure. 

Here is my most recent Plague Man on holiday sketch. I'm not used to illustrator yet so the final drawings may end up being by hand. Once they are done I plan on sculpting him out of polymer clay or wax.These are my control drawings. I wanted to have the clear lines of the dunny controls but my perspective drawing is a bit shaky and didn't translate very will with vectors. Hopefully I will still have time to sculpt my Dr. on Holidays toy for a clearer representation. 


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