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Grim, Eccentric Outlaw

So, rather than try to make something I'm attached to, for which to fuss over, I decided I'd use a random character generator to give my drawing some random attributes. The challenge was to make a "Grim, Eccentric Outlaw".

Already, I can see that my workflow is too tight, and I need to loosen up, as I spent far too long on cleaning up the lineart, which will be painted over shortly.

Right now, I've just finished blocking in the flats, and am just starting to add values. My poor ability to follow instructions is apparent, as I've lengthened this process too by flatting it, then adding value. Here's where I'm at for the night.

All in all, I'm hoping I can loosen up my lines and work, which typically wasn't a problem before trying to learn digital. I'll keep working on this in a few days, when I have time.

Thanks for any and all feedback in the meantime!


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