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Ryan Gurnett

Designer at MacEwan University



Griffins Logo

Well, this is more for personal gain than anything, but I've wanted to try a different approach for the logo for the University sports teams I work with. The current logo is fairly unwieldy and I wanted to see if I could update it while keeping some elements or a little bit of the look and feel.

The major problem I found was that with a mascot like a Griffin (half eagle, half lion, all myth), you're stuck with showing a good portion of the animal if you want people to know what it is without reading the name. So, I'm not sure if my "final" iteration here works in terms of letting people know it's a Griffin (a job that really has been placed on the ears, because regular eagles don't have ears like that), but it was fun to try out this process and see where I could go from here.

Thanks for the great class, Fraser.


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