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As a musician, I'm always interested in visualising music, I'm now exploring several libraries and most of all Minim.

I figured out some things, just have to try and implement them into Hype. More on this later...

Update on the grids.

I found out that a simple form works better than a complex one. I made a series just to experiment with grids, used the latest lesson 9 and tweaked the code slightly to see what happens. Than I used a few different symbols and finally made a choise and ended with HColorfield. 

What I found out is that if you define a color in the enabled style (stroke and fill), it will be used even when you have defined colors in the colorfield. It gives nice extra options. If you define the style fill and stroke as black, it only uses the colors defined in HColorfield. Anyway.. here some simple examples of the files I played with. 

last two, first 1 with the stroke and fill style in a grey and orange, last 1 with stroke and fill defined black

The first thing I did after I finished the lessons was starting with Flash and draw assets I want to work with.

Than I took one and combined it with the svg's from the lessons to creat a book mark. I read a hell of a lot and need those book marks, so why not use this lessons to start with somthing that I would actually use on a daily base.

Next thing I did was developing color sets. 

And than I started experimenting with one drawing, svg assets, color and finished it....for now in illustrator.


Book Mark


other color set (distracted from a F. Bacon painting


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