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Grid & Mortar Brand Identity

The project I will be working on for this class is the brand identity for a small graphic design studio named Grid & Mortar. The studio is collectively run by 3 young women, and aims to make creative, beautiful designs for print, screen and web based media. 

As for visual ispiration, I have been looking at a pretty big mixture of things, including; pattern, bold, crisp clean typography, hand-drawn elements, monocrhomatic, organic shapes. Though some people might find these a bit all over the place I like to think of it as a sense of adventure, creativity and experimentation. 


MOODBOARD 2 & Colour Palette:

I made changes to my original Moodboard - it was a bit too all-over the place, so this time around I tried to narrow it down to images that represented specific things that interest me & that I want to explore with this project.

  • Colour
  • Hand-drawn illustrations/ aesthetic
  • Monochrome imagery
  • Pattern
  • Bold Typography

Still a lot of different elements, but hopefully as the project moves foward these will get narrowed down and refined.

In terms of colour, I still have some refining to do. I love colours and boldness so its hard for me to narrow down my choices of palettes. Right now I have 5 (included on moodboard) But I will narrow these down with trial & error. 

I am liking the Monochrome look.

Color Palette:


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