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Christian McCormick

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Greyhound and Letter R

Edit: I just re-read the instructions and realized that the project was to create one logo mark. Well, why make one when you can make two? I ended up making a letter R in addition to my original greyhound logo mark. Perhaps I will make a third negative space mark as well.


I chose to create a running greyhound animal mark. I think that they are beautiful dogs and have a great form when running; something that would translate into a logo very nicely. I used Google Images to assemble my moodboard. It isn't huge but I feel that it has enough image variety to choose from.

I chose to use the image in the top–left for my animal mark. After making plenty of rough sketches on tracing paper I decided on a form that I liked and used it to create my revised sketch.

I then scanned the sketch and placed it into my Illustrator project. I traced the outline of the greyhound followed by the eye and shadows.

Next I gave the greyhound some color and set up my grid. I used another one of my mood board images to obtain the color I wanted; a grey–brown that seemed to fit the greyhound nicely.

I'm still not 100% sure about how the grid works but I gave it my best shot and felt that it really helped tighten up the mark. To finish up the mark and give it some context I added a light–green background reminiscent of a grassy field.

Here is an updated version of the greyhound mark in which I've altered the color palette and slimmed out the greyhound a bit. Thanks Kelsey for the suggestions!

Letter R

Creating a mark with the letter R proved to be a challenge, perhaps due to its assymetrical form. I went through several rounds of sketches until I came up with one that I was happy with. I originally intended for the mark to have a science-y feel to it though what I ended up with was two different marks, one closer to my theme and the other a bit more retro. Here's my initial sketch.

After importing the sketch into Illustrator I began to vectorize it. Using my sketch as a reference I set up some guidelines and circles to plan out the letter. I then traced the letter using the pen tool.

I was happy with the letter but felt that the proportions could use some improving, so I began tweaking the forms until I was satisfied with the letter. I also added an extra line just inside the counter of the R to represent a thicker shoulder. I had mixed feelings about this line as to my eye it instantly gave the letter a much more traditional look as opposed to the high-tech feel that I wanted. This is probably because it simulates the stroke contrast of a traditional letterform.

My solution? Create two variations on the final design. On the left is the modern look, featuring a large open counter and bold, saturated colors. On the right, a tight and more classic looking letter with a muted color palette.

I'd really like some feedback on this one. I think both have room for improvement.

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy the designs.


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