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Gretchen Harnick

Fashion Marketing Prof, Social Media Strategist



GretchenHarnick Consulting website

I am optimizing my consulting practice WP blog, and will be learning how to use tools and techniques for clients.

I started Free Rank Checker and was having trouble, thinking I could not get it to work, as the results were showing up with a "    -   "  blank. Turns out I'm doing it right, I am just not ranked in the top 200.  Interesting checking tool!

I created my list of keywords, using the various tools we learned about. It is actually fun and almost like a thesaurus for your business! I did not rank anywhere on Ronk Checker for any of my keywords. Everything came back a blank. Am I using that tool properly? Or maybe since my site is pretty new it's not coming up for these searches.

I would love to share my work, excel file somehow to make sure I am going about this the right way. I tried to cut and paste but that did not work for the tables. Can you tell us how we can get feedback to make sure we are making the right decisions? I do not know why or how you choose Target Keywords to explore. Is it based on volume? Low medium or high? That is very unclear to me.

re; Google Analytics. I set up the tracking for my site, and asked my developer to add to the site. I cannot access yet as it's not setup so cannot do this homework quite yet. I've analyzed Google Analytics for clients and this super helpful.  I especially find the content keyword changes interesting and look forward to keeping on top of that. Thanks ELM!


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