Miriam Giudici

Uellaaa Design



Greta <3

While taking this class, I was also working on a project based on Greta Thunberg, so I just matched the two things... Ok, this really added extra difficulty, because "having fun" with a *real* face does imply that you have to make that face recognizable, yet stylized.

I don't know if I achieved this goal (I definitely have to take a class about real portraits).
But I think the yellow coat really helps, it's so iconic it really screams "Greta" :)

I started with the pic below:


I made bigger braids, because I wanted to play with hair.

And then I had fun with flowers and leaves, both on the background and on the coat.


I hope you like it.

Thank you Charly for this class. It's packed with interesting tips, I learned a lot and I love your style!





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