Greetings rework

For my project I"m going to revise the first handlettering project I created. While I was proud of it, it never felt "finished" because it didn't quite convey what I had in mind. But it was a start! I like this class because it helped me to draw on the principles I've learned as a graphic designer. As I reflect on the project I'm revising, I think establishing a hierachy will help alot. So here is the art I"m revising...


For the first step, I had a quick brainstorm. Greetings You Who are Highly Favored. I think I want to focus on You who are and highly as the primary. Greetings as secondary. Eek the problem is I like all the words! sigh.That's why I have so many numbers underneath!  I don't know what to do. I do want to focus on you who are.  Anyway here is a first pass just quick sketches.



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