Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry

Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - student project

Blessings everyone! 

My name is Pachet (Pa-shay) Burson and I am the creator and founder of Yuniku Jewelry. 

Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 1 - student project

Yuniku is Japanese for "unique." Is is a word that is often used to describe me and I believe that everyone is unique. 

I started Yuniku early this year while launching a natural beauty product brand. My love for jewelry and accessories sparked when I made my first pair of handpainted earrings.

                       Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 2 - student project

From earrings came bracelets. I started making simple bracelets, made from precious gemstone beads, wrap bead sets and prayer beads and each one represents something that we all need in life (love, hope, clarity, creativity):

                                                                                                                       Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 3 - student project

Each piece I create comes with a meaning, a purpose for wearing it. I hope that pieces inspire, motivate and empower individuals. 

I am inspired various things and people from Japanese culture to the casual styles of celebirties like Pharrell and Eve Mendes...

Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 4 - student project

Businesswise, Yuniku Jewelry has experienced its first wholesale order and been featured on a local morning show featuring small businesses in Chicago; however; my customer list is small and I am ready to expand. In additional to this, I looking to improve my marketing strategy and brand presence online via social media and my online store front. I sell my wares on Etsy but I am ready to launch my own website with a goal of opening my own brick and mortar store within two years. 

When it comes to my pieces and my design asthethic as a whole, I sketch out every piece I create. I take the time to research the beads and charms I plan to use and write out their signficance:

             Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 5 - student project

My goal is to create mid to high end pieces; obtain wholesale contracts and have pieces sold in stores such as Macy's and Forever 21. 

Yuniku Jewely is dedicated to creating handmade pieces that help individuals tap into their creativity. By creating pieces that allow the wearer to interchange each piece with another, they make more than a fashion statement, they inspired individuality. My inspiration for my trend board comes from the beautiful interior of the Vatican, the concept of mixing textures and layering. Layering is not just for your clothes but you accessories as well. Mix pearls with lava beads for a delicate yet edgy look. Mix some bling with your wooden pieces for a casual chic statement or layer a gold necklace with a beaded one for a play or bold and demure. Sky is the limit for layering and added the rich reds, golds and greens featured in the Vatican and you can make any look as unique as you!

Greetings from Pachet and Yuniku Jewelry - image 6 - student project