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Greetings from New York

And here is my final card printed out :)


Update : 07/03/15

So now that I have refined my sketch, I have taken it into illustrator to make a vector design. 


Once I had the vector I decided to style it a bit, and ad some depth. 


I chose to a black and white color palette because New York City has a rich history, and being a hub for business, I thought the black and white would look classy. 

Since decided to stick with this color palette and styling, I decided to work up a composition of line word encompassing the lettering.

I decided to sketch out a skyline including two of New York's most iconic buildings: The Empire State Building, and the new World Trade Center. 

I sketched out the composition, and some of the details, and now I am beginning to lay down the vector shapes. Still working, but thought I would at least share where I am at so far. 





First of all thanks for check out my project. It is very much work in progress, but I figured I would share where I am at so far. 

I was really blown away by Martina's way of quickly adding weight to a skeleton of letters, so in the end, that is how I decided to approach my lettering.

I want to create a post card that says New York, or greeting from New York so I can send them out to freinds and family. So below you will see a few of my initial sketches:


I was really digging the top right sketch, particularly the way that the word "New" kind of fits nestled above "York", so this is the direction I decided to pursue. 

Below I have scanned in the steps I took in evolving my lettering from the skeleton sketch to a kind of fat script.


Let me know what you think :)

Any feedback is very much welcome.

Thanks so much for looking at my project.  



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