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Greetings from Florida!


I must say there are so many talented people out there, it wasn't hard to find inspiration. My mood board is a collection of a few of my favorite artists mixed with some objects from my home as well as some examples from my town. (Scroll down for sources)

L to R, top to bottom the images are as follows:

1. A pretty little notebook I recently purchased.

2. "The World is your Oyster" greeting card by Rifle Paper Co. (local to my town)

3. Beautiful wooden boxes I was given at work from a recent shipment of olive oil.

4. Power of Comedy by Mary Kate McDevitt

5. Typeface by Ross Frazier

6. Thank You card by Rifle Paper Co. 

7. Sign from Farmer's Market.

8. Lovely Day by Molly Jacques

9. Kona Big Wave (not only a beautiful box but one of my fave beers!) 

10. Text on the side of the olive oil box.

11. Painted wall on a local bar. 


Holy cannoli Erik makes this look so easy! I love watching him draw the letters with curves in them, I myself am having a harder time with these curves lol. Since I'm left handed I'm also having a problem with smearing that I haven't quite worked out yet. It's apparent that I'm going to be doing a lot of practice. 

I've been using a couple different brush pens as well as a calligraphy marker. I didn't have a really wide marker like the chalk malker Erik uses but I improvised and used a pink highlighter. 

(FYI the first "H" in the "Hello" above is so darn wonky cause my dog jumped up on the couch as I was trying to draw it, haha - As for the "O" well, I have no good excuse for why that looks so wobbly!)


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