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Veronica Toti

Graphic Designer



Greetings from Florence

Hi there!

As most of the students here, I did want to improve my lettering skills (and I still need to improve more!) so that's why I'm here and I really want to say "thank you" to Martina.
This project has been pretty inspiring and useful and, as she did, I decided to work on something simple about my beloved city: Florence.

I made some roughs and than I decided to go with this:


I then digitized it and made some adjustment on the letters:


At this point I realized that I didn't like the "greetings from" part at all and that I wanted something simple and straight. No curls or something like that. I then started to add colours and other details, and this is the final result:


Thanks to all the people that took a look at this project and, again, to Martina of course!


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