Greetings from Austria

Greetings from Austria - student project


I live in Austria, and especially Vienna is a quite touristic spot on the planet. Millions of visitors come each year for sightseeing, music and skiing. For my postcards, I wanted to pick people from Vienna - and first thing that came to my mind are the unfriendly, arrogant waiters we have here. :-D So, I started with the downside and wondered what historic characters I could choose? Mozart was definitly the very first rockstar on our planet - what a wild life... and Freud, who I consider to be the worst scientist in the world... still famous, even though all his theories have been proven wrong by now. I don't have much time today, so I did not make up a 4th Austrian for another postcard.

I did not have black ink at home, but I had brown ink and started with that. I went through all the steps you explained and enjoyed class A LOT! As I can't put photos from my phone on skillshare and it takes me quite a while to get scans and transfer them to my computer, I only show the end results. This is my first time using ink for more than just conture lines, and first time ever applying it with a brush. I never did portraits before - so MANY first-time-experiences for me - in only one project.

I am open to any suggestion or comment. Thanks for this class, Dylan, I had a great time!

All the best from cold Austria,

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