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Greeting StarFighter

My favorite movie has always been The Last Starfighter. It tells the story of someone who is told that they can't, but they don't listen and they excel. Not a bad thing to watch as a child. 

I am still very new to Illustrator (just a couple of weeks), so this actually gave me a lot of chances to really dig in and find out how to do certain things, though I am aware that the quality of this piece is nowhere near presentation quality. One issue that I have with the hand-work (which I will attempt soon) is that nothing I wrote on actual paper looked any good. I've always liked getting my hands dirty in photoshop, so I figured I'd do the same in Illustrator, working with the shaping of letters and tweaking them to my liking.

The S in Greetings was made using other letters, but I wasn't diggint the way it was looking, so I went with a more simple S. The design is based on old trailer park signs, since that's where the non-space scenes of the movie take place.

Like I said, I'm only a couple weeks into Illustrator, so my shape-building is very basic, but I felt that it needed something a little more

I thought about making the A in STAR an actual star, but it looked almost TOO kitchey

But I took what I liked and I threw it into photoshop to add a little texture

Could it be better? Definitely. I'm going to keep fucking around with it and I'll post more. I think that I just need to learn the software a little better and also be more precise and confident in my hand-lettering.


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