Greenview United Methodist Church

My logo is for my church "Greenview United Methodist Church".  


  • Age: Sincerely, ALL ages.
  • Gender: All, with a lean toward men.
  • Income: Appealing to lower-class...very poor area, our church is trying to lift the community.
  • Education: Especially appealing to less-educated, unchurched people.
  • Location: Town & Country, near trailer parks, somewhat transient community.

My church resides in an aging community.  So my audience is very multigenerational.  My church is part of a mainline denomination and is almost 90 years old.  Gender-wise, my church really wants to reach men, so something gently masculine would be better.  The locale is near trailer parks, etc.



Outstretched arms are Jesus (with halo or crown of thorns).  Other stick figures represent the phases of our church: prayer, service, worship.  I really can't draw well is part of the problem.

I am drawn to a modular logo with a consistent typeface (g) is embedded with various forms.  This is so we can represent the various things we do at appropriate times (i.e. fliers inviting people to prayer time or sharing some service that we do).


This swipe is for variations in green.  I began swiping green logos, then added photographs of green textures and combinations.

Color Swipe


Concepts: Communing with God and neighbor; Baptism into the life of the church; Positive community; service as a way of life; love of neighbor; a 'sanctuary from trials of life; new life/lives; compassion; Christ lifts us up



I swiped this section last, and had a better understanding of what I liked and wanted for our logo: something embracing (though that may be more conceptual, I was drawn to those logos for their ability to convey complexity and simplicity).  The Conan Logo was a real surprise: it has an emerging type coming out of the outline of his hair.  It's playful and, well, iconic.



I am actually looking for 'multigenerational' type. Our church has a 250 year tradition, but seeks to be fresh.  I am gravitating towards a lighter serif type.

Typography Swipe


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