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Green (adj.): having the color of growing grass; pleasantly alluring; fresh, new; tending to preserve environmental quality 

I am a biologist enamored with nature and in serious need of a creative, expressive outlet. I want to connect people to nature and nature's problems through art, and I hope this will be the beginning. 

Day 1: October 25, 2015

Fear...a blind mistress that pulls us, guides us, controls us. 

The last time I sketched was about two months ago and before had been, 2 to 3 years. Fear of being a bad artist and not knowing what I am doing has prevented me from picking up a pencil and paper or any other tool to make art. I understand fear will always be a part of this process so I want to become better at accepting the fear and moving forward.

Sketching today, drawing anything that popped in my head or whatever was next to me, making weird marks, not having a plan for the blank page, i.e. drawing with freedom made the fear feel...irrelevant. 

So, its not much, but its a start:


Other doodles of the day (I need paper for watercolors!):



Day 2: 

Wow! Today was an experiment...and not a pretty one haha! 

I decided after yesterday that I needed to up the ante and add some more interesting/challenging tools to my cup (including a balloon, steel wool, a screw, a nail file and some sponge brushes). 

So my boyfriend closed his eys and picked for me...he grabbed the sponge brush. Well, I quickly realized I probably shouldn't have added the sponge brush as the only paints I have in the house are: 1) a green paint for fabrics 2) an acrylic white paint, and 3) a red puff paint for t-shirts (remember that puff paint you put all over t-shirts as a kid and it seemed to never really dry...yes, that paint!).

I could feel the impending doom creeping up on me but, I was in no mood to give up so I stuck my hand in the second cup and drew out the phrase "words that inspire me".


I made a quick list of words that inspired me and I decided I would write one word in large, bubble letters. I would then fill in the letters with the other inspirational words. Great idea! I chose the word "beauty" and sketched it out onto the page using a pen. I looked at the letters and then at the sponge brush and then back at the letters...horrible idea, sponge brushes don't allow for much precision and are hence, not very appropriate for painting small words.

What I am left with is a horribly spaced and very ironically ugly painting of the word "BEAUTY" that looks like it got into a fight with a dark Christmas:


Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

I had fun but I may have to give this one another shot tomorrow night and spend a little more time developing my idea before I jump in head first!

Day 3: 

It is not really October 27, its November 8th and I haven't touched a sketchbook in 2 weeks! I was out of town for a bit (which is still not a good excuse) and then I came back and the paralyzing fear set in. I kept thinking about my sketchbook and this project and it felt a bit I did not sketch! I even brought a sketchbook to work and still didn't crack it once :(

BUT...alas, I have jumped back on the band wagon and I am hoping to finish this class and keep sketching. AND this is all so appropriately timed as the 3rd video is all about "not having enough time" :). I just wish I would have watched the video two weeks ago when I was convinced I didn't have enough time.

I rolled a 2, picked a pencil as my tool and pulled out the word "toys".

I have a little silicone manatee that you can fill with tea and place in your tea cup like so:


I have never used it for tea but instead I think of it as a cute little toy that keeps me company in my home :)

This is what I produced after 2 mintues:


I decided to keep going and after 50 minutes, came out with this:


I like his face and head...his lower half needs some work. 

I really liked this project and I love the idea of setting a timer. I think this will be crucial for developing a daily sketchbook practice. I know I can easily set aside 10-30 minutes everyday (if not more) to do a sketch or two. I also like the challenge of seeing how much I can get done in a short period of time. I think a timed drawing or painting can relieve some of the pressure associated with creating something amazing. It also allows for all kinds of "happy accidents"!

Day 4: 

I picked "outside"...I think I will venture down to the creek near our house and setup shop to do a sketch :)

Well, it rained all I postponed the outdoor drawing and instead did a sketch in my living room. I am very scared of drawing with pens and it is something I want to overcome. Thus, I chose a pen and grabbed a picture of crab I have on my work table. 


I decided to add more shading (but I actually like the version above better):


Day 5: 

I couldn't get enough of that I played with some watercolors and charcoal/pastels



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