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Green String Farm Poster

I want to create a poster that brands and helps generate interest in the Permaculture movement.  I'm particularly intrigued by the practices of the Green String Farm in Northern California.  Green String is an unconventional permaculture type farming system that uses weeds as cover crops,  focuses on building the immune system of the plant (by adding mineral, fungus, mold etc. to the soil), and most importantly abides by the principle that true sustainability is only possibly if 50% is given back to the earth. 

I would like to go with a very human, old school, DIY feel but  imply that this is something we need to keep in mindas we move forward as a species, so I want it to be a little futuristic and sexy.- a new take on old principles.   I imagine that it will be a challenge to combine these two styles in a way that they work together rather than oppose each other. 

Another element that I would like to incorporate (if at all possibly) is the simplified propoganda style that has an overt intention to influence but not intimidate the viewer.  Some folks have a negative reaction to this style because they associate it communist movements turned dictatorships so If I am to use this style anything from this style it must be subtle.


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