Green Snake

Green Snake - student project

The most challenging part for me was to balance saturated colors. I was always too timid to choose colors. I used to draw or paint with low-saturated colors because I found it is much safer and easier to balance them. After taking Victo Ngai's online class, I felt so inspired and decided to push myself harder to try bold colors.  I intended to render lotus leaves with full golden color scheme but finally gave up becasue the gold made too much contrast with red background and I did not figure out how to realize beautiful value contrast within golden colors. My temporary solution was to adjust the hue to orange a bit so the lotus leaves look more cohesive with the background. There is so much to learn and experiment about colors. I felt so grateful that I had the chance to take Miss Ngai's class. I really learnt a lot in her class. I would also really appreciate it if anyone could give me any suggestion to help me develop this illustration further. Thanks again!
Green Snake - image 1 - student project

Ian Jiang