Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle - student project

I really loved your course, Sarah! I've always enjoyed drawing on bristol, but never had much of a knack for adding colour. I guess I was too timid in my marker application in the past :) Instead of using a pigma micron for the heavier lines, I used my fountain pen, which was fun, but I learned that it bleeds a bit with the alcohol markers. I tried to achieve your tonal variation but didn't have a lot of the subtle hue variations in your pack, but I loved the process of adding colour on top of colour. And I almost never cross-hatch outside of doodling because it always seems like so much work, but I've fallen in love with the hatching and colour together. I just love how finished this looks. My friends tell me this is one of my best drawings yet. Thank you so much for this great experience ! :)