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Green Planet Heroes

Milestone #1

Green Planet Heroes has 3 different customer archetypes: donors and 2 classes of recipients. Here's a basic description of each:

Milestone #2

This isn't exactly a wireframe - more of a lo-fi mockup of the site I started as part of another class. This includes more pages, and rolls in much of the prior feedback. More feedback is entirely welcome!

They're just jpg images, not a real site. To see what's "clickable," press the "shift" key.

To leave comments in context, right on the page, you can toggle comments mode using the "comments" button in the lower right (or by tapping the "c" key).

Milestone #3

One day a week, I spend 6 contiguous hours in a large gathering room at a homeschool co-op with about 30 people who just happen to fall into the primary donor demographic for Green Planet Heroes (darn!).  I took the student feedback from milestone #2, integrated it into a new wireframe, then pestered the co-op folks for feedback. This is the result:

Since I can rely on the basic design patterns already in use for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and about 50 other crowdfunding sites, I decided to do so.

Despite that, it was very clear that many folks who are not already familiar with crowdfunding needed a very clear set of instructions right on the home page. The iteration in here seems to work. The "learn" menu was popular, and people wanted it right next to home, instead of off at the right-hand end, where I'd originally put it. 

Prior feedback from interviews with potential donors was unanimous: they'd be more likely to donate if they could see how much CO2 was being saved, so there's a placeholder for some kind of icon or badge indicating aggregate savings at the top of the home page, and there will be a CO2 savings estimate on each individual project page. Estimates will be based on DOE averages for the type of project. I figure we'll end up hand-entering estimates as people create project types we don't already have. Once an estimate is in the DB, it can be applied to all projects of that type.

The site didn't start with a search box, but apparently many people simply didn't consider the menus as a method for finding a project to fund - no matter what the tab was named (currently it's "list o' projects"). It was originally named "find projects," but people found having the words "find" and "search" on the same page to be confusing.

I haven't reached the point of creating a wireframe for the project list page, but I hypothesize that potential donors will want a "view by CO2 savings" option, so I'll test that next week.


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