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Green Planet Heroes

1, Write a paragraph explaining the company and team - something you can use in email.

The #1 reason people give for not implementing an efficiency or renewables project is the up-front cost. It is by far the largest roadblock facing the industry. Unfortunately, the economy is not helping to solve that problem, with consumer lending in the doldrums. Green Planet Heroes overcomes that obstacle by bringing crowdfunding to the efficiency and sustainability community. Other crowdfunding sites either serve different niches (arts, tech, medical, etc.) or are entirely generic. In both cases, green projects get lost in the shuffle, or are rejected altogether before they can be posted (kickstarter). Those that get posted *do* get funded, however, at about the same percentage rate as other types of projects. It just takes a lot of effort on the part of project owners to garner donations. Green Planet Heroes also removes some of the risk from donors by working with retailers to provide discount coupons for efficiency and sustainability products. Donors are rewarded for helping others by getting savings when they make retail purchases, retailers improve sales, and everyone saves energy.

2. Build a single slide on what differentiates you:
Slide 3 in pitch deck.

3. Build a 5-10 slide deck:

Slide 9 in pitch deck has seat-of-the-pants 2 yr projection.


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