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Green Planet Heroes

Green Planet Heroes is like Kickstarter for green projects.

As a residential building energy analyst, it has become clear that the number one roadblock to implementation of efficiency projects is the up front cost. Even small projects (insulation, for example) can be out of reach, financially, for the people who most need to implement those projects. Many states provide subsidies to cover a percentage of the cost, but that doesn't help people who are on the financial edge. Speaking with professionals in the sustainability industry indicates the same roadblock holds sway for sustainability projects.

Of the 50 most used crowdfunding sites, the vast majority serve niches (kickstarter - tech/art/creative; indiegogo - film/music), and the remainder are generic (gofundme, for example), but there's no niche for efficiency and sustainable energy projects.

Business model canvas (3rd version, there will be more revisions as more research is completed):

Meet our customers!

Donor profile

This is the demographic the site will prioritize, since they're the critical audience to capture if the site will be successful.  50% of survey respondents self-identified as donors. A subset of donor respondents wanted some mechanism for donating time, instead of money. This will be in the long term plan, but won't be in the initial launch.

People who need to do efficiency projects:

Persona 2, efficiency projects

Among survey respondents, those who identified as having projects were primarily people seeking funding for an efficiency project.

People with renewable energy projects:

Persona 3, sustainable energy project

This is the least common demographic - though of most interest to potential donors.


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