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Green Pastures (Final)

NOTE: Please read the screenplay before scrolling down to the comments section, as there will be some spoilers.



I've chosen Jacob Goodpasture from Spoon River Anthology as the subject of my project.

I'm intrigued by the notions of duty and honor and how we wrestle with these concepts in light of conflict.

In my project I intend to explore the nature of sacrifice and the price people pay in the name of God and country.




Green Pastures (Final Draft)

Final revision posted. Not much has changed structurally. Cleaned up some punctuation and dialogue, but that's about it.

I want to thank everyone who has read my script and provided feedback. Everyone's opinions were appreciated and valued. This has been a great experience, and I look forward to continuing a relationship (professional or friendly) beyond the scope of this class with anyone who is interested.

My email address is on the title page of the script. Whether for feedback on your writing, or even just to chat, feel free to contact me for any reason.

Cheers, and KEEP WRITING!


Green Pastures (Rev. 3)

I made some changes to the screenplay. Cleaned up some of the description and action based on some feedback.

I'd love some input on how it flows.

Thanks everyone!



Green Pastures (Rev. 2B)

I'm looking for any reactions you might have. Criticisms are absolutely welcome. I'd also like any input on clarity and accuracy. Also, please share any thoughts you might have about my piece relative to the poem it was based on. 



"A suspicious traveler must contend with a wary world to catch a flight and fulfill a sacred vow."


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