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Green Origins - My first Garden


This summer marks the first year I've had an outdoor space of my own. The previous owners had many beautiful perrenials in a tiny front garden, and it's been a joy seeing what hidden surprises have grown and bloomed, while picking out new ones to add to the mix. Each night I love to discover what new has opened or grown that day. I know florals may be everywhere, but this one is really going commemorate this first summer in my mind :) 

Sketches! I may add to these, but so far this is what I've come up with. I've been mostly sketching off some photos I took of my flowers...Petunias, Peonies, Dianthus, Gazinias, and their respective leaves while also thinking about other things I keep seeing around (the ants always on the Peonies!, elm seedseverywhere ) to make a more 'earthy' floral.  These are a little rough but I'm hoping to fix them up in inkpad/illustrator when I scan them in.



Hey Everyone, 

I've been working on my pattern block and thought I'd ask for some feedback before I nail down colours and the final piece tomorrow. Here is my colour palette, and (non-finalized coloured) pattern.




Ok this class and project have been so much fun! Adding and refining my colour palette was more fun than I expected :). I'm really excited to keep working on this pattern even more (maybe add some actual texture) and make it into a collection as well :) Thanks for the class Elizabeth! Here is my pattern block:


and here is my 3 by 5...



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