Green Gardener Flyer

Green Gardener Flyer - student project

Couldn't figure out how to make the Image 1 fit the composition or how to fit composition around it, so opted for Image 3. Adjusted the colors a bit in Photoshop, which unintentionally fit the brand color GG Lemon quite nicely. Something to keep in mind, probably. 

I experimented with image and the green background composition and finally decided to make an arrow type shape pointing to the message telling about the spring sale.

Tried to fit the main Flyer text with light, mby elegant font, since, I am assuming, it is a flower shop. 

Finally. While looking at other students' works I noticed work by Keir Robertson who managed to make Image 1 work and I liked what he did with the Round all text, emphasizing the discound amount, which I applied to my design as well.Green Gardener Flyer - image 1 - student project